Comparing Cell Phone Plans

Getting the right pay as you go cell phone is important – but it is even more important to get a plan that you can afford and use properly. The reason people use these phones is so that they are not tied down to a monthly bill that they may or may not be able to afford. Sometimes it can be difficult to stick to one service and one plan for one or two years at a time.


The first thing you will need to compare is the coverage that is in your area. There are a number of companies that will offer pay as you go cell phones – but if they do not offer the coverage that you need then they are useless. In some states you will have three or four plans to choose from – but in others you may only have one option.


After you have narrowed down what coverage you have to choose from it is time to know the rates that they offer. There are some companies that will charge per unit and others that will charge a flat rate for local calls and a higher flat rate for roaming calls. The best plans will allow you to call people that have cell phones through the same service for free and only charge you for calls outside of the network.

The best way to save yourself money is to find out what your friends use and try to stay in that same company. This could help you to save a great deal of money each month. However, if your friends have different plans than simply try to find something that will give you the best plan for your money.

Text Messaging

There are many people who will use text messages more then anything to keep in touch with people. Compare the text messaging plans and find something that will charge between two to ten cents per plan. Keep in mind that these plans can easily change.

Cell Phones

After you have found a plan that you are able to afford you can move on to the fun part. Choosing a pay as you go cell phone is not as disappointing as it used to be. Many of the phones that companies offer will be flip phones and might even have a camera. Find one that you will enjoy, can afford, and that will work with your plan.