Converting Your Cell Phone To A Pay As You Go Phone

Cell phones are a necessity for many of us to have. They are so common that it is difficult to find any type of pay phone when you are out and about. If your car breaks down or in any type of emergency you need to have something on you that will allow you to call someone to help you out.

Not all of us have the money or even the credit to get a one or two year contract with a cell phone service. The phones themselves can cost around $60 and the plans can cost as much as $100 or more to start. Each month after that you will have to spend anywhere between $50 to $200 or more.

There are times when I learned the hard way that some plans are not as easy to keep up on every month. Too many of us will go over the monthly minutes that we have and before we know it our bill has gone up $100 or more. If this is getting too difficult for you then why not switch over to a pay as you go cell phone?

In order to do this you will first want to use up the current contract that you have with your provider. Breaking it will result in a hefty fine that could cost up to $200.

You will need to have a cell phone that is unlocked. Some carriers will give you the code to unlock it or you can visit certain web sites that will give it to you for a certain fee. Keep in mind that not all phones can be unlocked.

Once you have successfully unlocked the phone you will want to purchase a prepaid sim card for the phone. These can be purchased at most cell phone companies for around $10 or on Ebay for as low as 99 cents. When activating it you will give the seller area code for the new pay as you go plan. At this point it will be given a new number with this area code.

Most sim cards are placed in the back of the phone behind the battery. Remove the old one and carefully install the new one. Try not to touch the metal bars while you do this. When you turn on the phone it should be ready to go.

Most of these prepaid sim cards will give you ten minutes to start off with. To purchase more minutes you can go to places like Wal-Mart, Target, or Walgreens to purchase more.