How Pay As You Go Cell Phones Work

Many parents will purchase pas as you go cell phones for their teenagers so that they do not have to pay a great deal of money for a plan that they will most likely go over. It allows you to purchase a certain amount of minutes that they will use in a month or a couple of weeks.

Each of the major phone companies (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) have a type of pay as you go cell phone which you are able to purchase through retailers or through their personal stores.

Keep in mind that you cannot purchase any type of cell phone to use with these plans. The good thing is that these phones are usually similar to the standard contract phones. Except that you won’t find any type of smart phone.

A few years ago the only type of phones that you were able to use were so basic that the only thing you could do with them is call or text someone. Nowadays you can find ones that allow you to surf the Internet or use a camera. Using these features though will eat through the minutes that you purchase so be careful.

Paying For Minutes

There are different ways in which you are able to purchase the minutes for your phone. This will be dependent upon who will be using it and how many you think they will need each month. Be careful because some plans do not allow you to ruin them more then once a month.

Every minute that you use will have a certain rate. This rate is usually between ten to twenty-five cents. When you are beginning to run out of minutes the phone will receive text messages warning them to purchase more. Once you have used them all up the service will be cut off.

Unfortunately you will not have the luxury of calling people for free at night time or on the weekends. However, you can find some plans that will allow you to call people in your network for free.

There are some plans that are similar to the standard monthly contracts and will require an upfront payment every month. Many of these phones will allow you the features of free nights and an automatic payment through your credit or debit cards.